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The company PUSE PLUS was established in 1997. During this time period, we considerably extended the sphere of our activities. In February, 1998, we established the subsidiary company in Lithuania «PUSE PLUS KAUNAS». Since 1997, we are the members of the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we successfully use EAN goods coding system.

The company creates the high-quality designs for different products (for Greeting cards postcards, advertising and presentation materials, for books, catalogues), participates in the projects of the publishing activities and collaborates with the trade companies in the sphere of the postcard sale.
Company’s mission:
To promote the cultural factor — the tradition to congratulate other people, by sending or presenting a lovely and attractive Card, because exactly this custom allows Us, perfecting and elaborating our products, to develop and maintain stable this segment of the market.
To base the work with the customers on the active Dialogue with the cooperation partners, thus rapidly and exactly getting to know the customers’ objective necessities, to make the services rendered to be more available, inter alia, to use new technologies, to improve the inner procedures and control, to optimize the time of order making in the goods deliveries.
In our business activities and social activities, to observe the principles of the Corporative social responsibility, being as the base for the promotion of the reliance in the society.
The long-term objective of the Company — to become the leading greeting card publishing-house in the Baltic region and with our products to get involved in the market circulation of the European Union.
Vision — the formation of the arranged activity structures of the company and creation of the socially responsible environment of the entrepreneurial activities, with the clear principles and good reputation, thus becoming the supplier both for the Latvian and foreign companies. The wish to get engaged in the global market and to be a player of the equal worth, by offering qualitative services and goods, which correspond to the principles of the reliable  entrepreneurial activities.

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