Social Responsibility

During the annual Christmas campaign in 2009, by buying our greeting cards, You supported Children’s Clinical University Hospital.

Supporting the initiative of Children’s Clinical University Hospital, we produce the brochures „If I Get into the Hospital...” and „The Explanatory Dictionary of the Diagnostics Terms”, which are envisaged exactly for the little patients and their nurses in the hospital. The information, summarized in these brochures, provides the possibility to improve the contact with the little patients and their parents, allows children to understand better the situation, in which they have got, as well as the activities of the medical personnel, thus facilitating the process of medical attention and recovery.




Presentation event in the Children’s hospital


The following organizations have received our donation:
By supporting the initiative of the employees of the Children’s Clinical University Hospital, we produce different materials for the necessities of the Hospital.
The deaf disabled people’s supporting fund „Silence” /„Klusums”/
The Jelgava Disabled Women’s Organization „Star” /„Zvaigzne”/
The Big Family Center of the City of Jelgava „Swarm” /„Spiets”/
The Riga Regional Russian Community
The Association of Latvian Foster Families
The Association of Support for the Latvian Paupers „Dace”
The Dobele Association of Disabled People
The Association of Riga Samaritans

The Center for Health Promotion „Sirdsdegsme+”


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