Name day: Alma, Annemarija

B2B clients

Product Sellers (B2B)

Every customer and his wishes are important to us!

 We invite existing and future SIA Puse Plus product retailers and customers to register on our website

when registering for existing retailers/customers, the existing discounts will be applied, payment and delivery conditions will remain unchanged.

If you are a customer of SIA Puse Plus and want to register for an online account, click here.

After registering on the website, please contact us in order to apply the existing conditions of sale of goods. Please write to e-mail

If you want to become a trade customer of SIA Puse Plus and register for an online account, click here.

Information for future partners:

we provide delivery of goods within 24 - 32 hours from ordering and payment,

 the order must be 50 euros in order for the delivery conditions of business customers to be applied,we offer our partners:

trade equipment (various types of trade displays);

to place thematic displays (during the campaign periods - Christmas; Wedding; Latvia places; Gift bag; etc.),

    At the customer's request, we can offer cooperation with SIA Puse Plus sales specialists, who represent SIA Puse Plus throughout the territory of Latvia, regularly visit shops to place orders and inspect sales displays.

Contact information or by phone. +371 67451354

Information related to invoices or by phone. +371 20011952

Information for existing and future partners