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Standarta dubulta kartīte, apdruka iekšpusē

Kartītes sadarbībā ar DR. Klauns

By purchasing this card, you are indirectly contacting Dr. Clown helps bring joy to children in hospitals. This is important psychological and emotional support for young patients in hospital. Deductions from the sale of these greeting cards in cooperation with a charity complement the assistance of this program. Thank you for this choice, because together, even a small contribution is important support.

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  • Produkta kods:23490
  • Izmērs:10,5x15,7
  • Kartītes orientācija:Horizontāla
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  • Zīmols:Puse Plus
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  • Personalizēt apsveikumu:
  • Apdare:Pārklāta ar glitera spīdumiem